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Where to find Jet Ski Tours & Safaris in Adelaide

Visiting Adelaide, South Australia is no fun if you haven't tried hopping on a jet ski while you're there. Luckily, you can find jet ski tours and rentals available along the coast. Here are some of our personal recommendations.

1. Adelaide JetSki Hire

Adelaide Jet Ski Hire promises nothing but a thrilling and safe jet-ski experience with incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Starting from O'Sullivans Boat Ramp, all tours are filled with the natural beauty the Adelaide coastline boasts. Jet-ski tour packages are available from dawn to sunset and designed for all experience levels, whether you're an expert or a beginner.

This enthralling water adventure needs no license nor experience for guided tours, so first-timers are welcome here. On the contrary, a valid boat license is required for unsupervised jet-ski rentals. For every trip, wholesome fun and total satisfaction are guaranteed.

I had a blast with them during my visit and was able to learn what Adelaide Jet Ski Hire is about, the services they offer, and more!

Who is Adelaide Jet Ski Hire?

Located in South Australia (SA), Adelaide Jet Ski Hire came to fruition from the passion for the thrill and adventure of Tony. Initially, he chased his dream of flying aircraft; however, it was put on hold when COVID-19 dominated the world, causing cities to be on lockdown.

Despite this, Tony didn't stop there. He sought the real sense of adventure while discovering the utmost beauty of the South Australian coastlines and waters on jet skis. He then realized that creating Adelaide Jet Ski Hire is an awesome way to share this kind of adventure with everyone.

Adelaide Jet Ski Hire aims to provide customers with that excitement of adventure and fun plus marvellous sights throughout the journey. Additionally, they guarantee great value and ensure customers' safety and comfort on every trip.

What Does Adelaide Jet Ski Hire Offer?

During my visit to Adelaide Jet Ski Hire in SA, I found out that they offer not only guided tours but also rentals, which both allow customers to discover the place from the open water.

An experienced local guide will assist customers in each tour and bring them to the main spots along the beautiful Adelaide coastline. The guide will even document the whole trip and provide HD pictures and videos for free. What's more, these guided tours come with a luxury jet ski.

Meanwhile, licensed jet-ski rental is a perfect choice to explore the Adelaide waters at your own pace and in a more exciting way with your family or friends.

What Jet Ski Tours are available?

Jet Ski guided tours in South Australia are available for customers with either limited or years of experience. Ahead of the tour, we had comprehensive safety briefings and lessons for riding the jet skis.

Here are more details about each one:

O'Sullys Jetski Adventure (60mins)

The O'sullys Jetski Adventure guarantees an hour full of thrills. It can accommodate up to two people on the same Jet Ski, and it's a perfect choice for partners, and those on budget as the cost can be shared between two passengers.

The tour kicked off along the gorgeous rocky shores of Marino Rocks, with me driving the Jet Ski. We continued north to catch sight of the stunning beach of Seacliff and the jetty of Brighton. Later on, we returned to where we came from.

On our way back, we were lucky enough to spot some dolphins swimming on the surface of the water. It was quite a treat before we got back to shore, seeing those amazing sea creatures up close.

O'Sullys Coastal Safari (90mins)

The O'Sullivan's Boat Ramp serves as the starting point for this safari adventure. Then, we proceeded to the beautiful rocky shores of Marino Rocks, where we could see a group of dolphins once more.

This Jet Ski safari tour also treated us to a good 35km weaving past the pristine beach of Seacliff and the picturesque jetty of Brighton. It later took us to the Glenelg beach, where we stopped by for a short break before making our way back.

Visiting South Australia won't be complete without trying this ultimate Jet Ski adventure.

O'Sullys Ultimate Trek (3hours)

Ideal for up to two people on one Jet Ski, O'Sullys Ultimate Trek is another water adventure worth trying out. This 3-hour guided tour is a perfect chance to appreciate the beauty of the whole coastline of Adelaide Metro beaches.

From O'Sullivan's Boat Ramp, we blasted away to the Marino Rocks and drove past the beach of Seacliff and the jetty of Brighton. More stunning views met us along the way as we passed by Glenelg, Henley, and Semaphore.

Sunset Safari (80mins)

This 80-minutes Jet Ski safari experience in SA, also accommodating up to two people per Jet Ski, is an excellent choice for a more relaxing ride on the water with a magnificent sunset as the backdrop.

We began the tour heading north, making our way past the Seacliff beach and Brighton jetty before riding back to the jump-off point.

What Jet Ski Rentals are Available?

In addition to the guided tours, Jet Ski Rentals in South Australia are also available at Adelaide Jet Ski Hire. This is a great option to further enjoy the water and sun in more thrilling ways with family or friends.

Sea-Doo Trixx

This rental offer comes with the use of a brand new Sea-Doo Trixx jet ski that is one of the best in the market in South Australia. It has a 90HP engine that makes the ride smoother.

This new type of Jet Ski, available for up to two people, is ideal for watercraft tricks and riding adventures. It was a lot of fun when we tried it.

Sea-Doo Wakepro 155

Another top-quality Jet Ski available for rent is the Sea-Doo Wakepro 155, perfect for wakeboarding, wakeskating, and others. Not only two but three people can enjoy riding this Jet Ski together.

Unlike Sea-Doo Trixx, Sea-Doo Wakepro has a 155HP engine that gives extra power when needed to cut over the waves. It makes the ride a lot smoother.

Sea-Doo Spark 3Up

Lastly, the Sea-Doo Spark 3Up is an excellent option for enjoying a water adventure with a friend. This type of Sea-Doo Jet Ski has a 90HP engine, exceptional acceleration, great power, and signature styling.

With its variety of guided tours, safaris, and Jet Ski rentals, plus its high-quality jet skis, I believe Adelaide Jet Ski Hire is one of the best locations for an exciting water adventure in Adelaide, South Australia. Whether it's your first time hitting the water on jet skis or you're looking for a great place to spend the holidays with family or friends, Adelaide Jet Ski Hire is for you. So book your Jet Ski tour today!

Find out more about their offers on their website, or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay updated.

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